Equity for Children E-Newsletter. N° 54 | October/November | 2015

Dear Friends,

This month, Equity for Children is launching a new programmatic area on Climate Change, Children and Young People.  I am very excited to invite you to an event we are hosting at The New School, entitled: Climate Change, Cities and Youth Engagement to be held on November 19 at 4pm in The New School’s Wollman Hall located at 65 West 11 Street, 5th floor.  The afternoon will provide an opportunity for young presenters to highlight and discuss groundbreaking youth-led climate justice work across local communities in the U.S. and in Nigeria to an audience of their peers, experts and practitioners.  For more information, to RSVP or to access the livestream if you are unable to attend in person, please click here.

We have started sharing on our website examples of good practices in climate and environmental youth leadership and engagement:

  • Read about iMatter, an organization started by a 12-year old boy, which has inspired thousands of young people worldwide here.
  • Learn about Your Century!, an event hosted by Synchronicity Earth in 2014, which provides an innovative example on how to raise awareness about the environment among young peoplehere.

Over the past month, Equity for Children has been advancing the conversation on ways to improve child wellbeing:

  • On October 22, I gave the keynote speech at the First Educo International Congress in Madrid, Spain, about measuring child wellbeing to adequately address inequities. Read more about it here.
  • On October 15, we hosted a discussion on the importance of movement in childhood at the Tres de Febrero National University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Find out more here.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in Equity for Children and I hope to see you at The New School on November 19.



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