Two Elementary School Students Raise Awareness on Palm Oil

Chloe Gray and Leila Vallet, United Nations International School (UNIS) elementary school students, are raising awareness among their classmates on the issue of palm oil in Indonesia. Both attended Equity for Children’s November 19, 2015 event on “Climate Change, Cities and Youth Engagement”.

Here is what they have to say:

“Palm oil is used in many different things and in a lot of good food. The problem is that people in Indonesia are cutting down trees or burning them down to replant palm trees. The trees are habitat of a lot of different animals, these animals are in danger because then they don’t have a home. The smoke of the forest fires is reaching other places and the people are getting sick because of the smoky air.


Leila Vallet and Chloe Gray are raising awareness and are forming groups of students to stop palm oil production and help the orangutans in many different ways.


Thank you for taking notice,

Chloe Gray and Leila Vallet”

Leila presented on the topic during a school assembly at UNIS and both Chloe and Leila are working informally (during breaks, in their class) to continue to raise awareness. Their teacher, Vanessa Go, is challenging them to disseminate this work to other grades.


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