“Young People Speak Up About Climate Change”: An Equity for Children Program

In November 2015, Equity for Children launched a new programmatic area on Climate Change, Children and Young People. This initiative examines the complex relationship between climate change, inequality and children’s / adolescents’ resilience. Climate change disproportionately affects poor children.  We seek a better understanding of this problem in order to develop solutions. This thematic area provides a platform and gives voice to the children and youth who are taking action about climate change, according to their age and capacity. EFC’s primary activities are:

  • – Developing and disseminating case studies about climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives led by young people between the ages of 10 and 24
  • – Creating, aggregating and disseminating lessons learned and best practices through the knowledge portal, conferences and symposia about young people’s leadership on climate change and environmental sustainability, with a focus on youth from vulnerable communities and countries
  • – Conducting original research to foster an understanding of how climate change, poverty and exclusion interact to affect children’s and adolescents’ development and well-being
  • – Identifying policy recommendations that, when implemented, address the issues effectively

Watch the new programmatic area trailer including young activists speaking up about climate change.



Find out more about our event on Climate Change, Cities and Youth Engagement held on November 29, 2015 at The New School here.

Watch our interviews of presenter, Sheridan Bartlett, panelist Amanda Cronin and panelist, Alex Loznak.

Read our case studies on i-Matter, 4CA (child-centered climate change adaptation in the Pacific Islands), and climate camps in China, highlighting original mitigation and adaptation initiatives where young people are making a catalytic contribution to sustainable environment and policy action.



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