Youth Climate Action Now! An Our Children’s Trust Manual

Our Children’s Trust has officially released a “how-to” manual: Youth Climate Action Now! How to Start a YouCAN Chapter in your Community. The YouCAN (Youth Climate Action Now) Manual can be downloaded here.
The manual is the culmination of experiences gained and lessons learned through Our Children’s Trust’s work on the inaugural YouCAN Campaign; a successful campaign that resulted in the Eugene, Oregon City Council adopting the first science-based Climate Recovery Ordinance (CRO) in the nation. The manual is a resource for anyone wishing to launch a similar grassroots campaign anywhere in the U.S.

YouCAN youth participate directly in local government decision-making by petitioning City Councils for adoption of locally-tailored climate recovery laws, testifying at public meetings, and advocating at work sessions with local government leaders. Learn more about the YouCAN program here.
Our Children’s Trust’s Alex Loznak was featured panelist at Equity for Children’s Climate Change, Cities and Youth Engagement event at The New School on November 19, 2015.  Click here to find out more about this event.

To watch the video of the Equity for Children interview with Alex Loznak, click here.

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