Equity for Children E-Newsletter. N° 60 | August | 2016

Dear friends,

Equity for Children’s approach consistently promotes and supports actions to improve the wellbeing of the most marginalized children, young people and their caregivers, particularly in urban settings. This month:

  • We launch our five key recommendations to address inequities in cities. These recommendations seek to integrate child voices and needs in the urban agenda and emerged over two days in conversations with international experts, practitioners and scholars during our AprilUrban Inequities and Children Conference.
  • We are featuring on our website an interview of Mariana Alegre, Director of Cómo Vamos Lima, conducted during the Conference, discussing ways to make cities more inclusive of children
  • We promote empowering young advocates to raise awareness and highlight innovative solutions in the fight against climate change
  • We underscore the importance of creating social accountability processes that encourage child and youth participation in order to reduce poverty and inequality and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

Read more about these topics in our featured articles below and please share your comments and feedback with me throughout the month.



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Organized by Equity for Children and the Arcor Foundation, this webinar delves into educational inequities and the importance of opening schools. More than 100 people across North and South America attended.

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