Childhood and Urban Housing Inequality Presentation at Habitat III | October 2016

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago I was excited to present a recent report about Childhood and Urban Housing Inequality on a panel organized by UNICEF at Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, in Quito, Ecuador. My presentation gave special emphasis to Equity for Children’s five recommendations to eliminate inequities in cities, such as improving dialogue between decision-makers at various levels of government and those within communities to ensure children’s needs and voices are a central focus of the urban agenda.

Both Equity for Children’s recently released Addressing Urban Inequities and Childhood: Advancing the Agenda for Children and Cities report and the recommendations have been widely disseminated to our partners and followers, as well as at various international conferences, including Habitat III.

This month, we also feature on our website Florencia Lopez Boo, Senior Social Protection Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank, who discusses access to public services in cities for the youngest children in Latin America.

Equity for Children research about intra-urban inequities in several Colombian cities is highlighted in a section of the World Social Science Report I authored.

We examine the case of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I led six graduate students from The New School in field research in June and July to analyze the impact of urbanization and environmental degradation on children in marginalized communities of the city.

Find out more about these and other important updates below. I look forward to reading your feedback.



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