Launch of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty Website and Release of its Solution Paper

coalition-2On October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the Coalition to End Child Poverty launched its new website,

The Coalition to End Child Poverty is an alliance of over twenty like-minded organizations, including Equity for Children, united in their fight to end child poverty globally. This website will serve as an online home for the Coalition to share knowledge, updates and resources on ending child poverty.

Featured on the website is the release of the Coalition to End Child Poverty’s solution paper, Putting Children First: A Policy Agenda to End Child Poverty. This briefing draws on evidence and the experience of the Coalition’s more than 20 members. It outlines key building blocks for how countries can address child poverty and offers evidence and experience to support national discussion on the best policy options for children.coalition-3

Solution Paper Key Messages:

Child poverty is now explicitly included in the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals requiring routine monitoring and action by every country in the world, richer and poorer. There are key building blocks for countries to address child poverty.

  1. Build national support by ensuring that reducing child poverty is an explicit national priority, and included, as appropriate, in national and local government budgets, policies and laws
  2. Expand child-sensitive social protection systems and programs
  3. Improve access to quality public services, especially Early Childhood Development, basic and secondary schooling, child protection, health care, family planning and housing
  4. Promote a decent work and inclusive growth agenda to reach families and children in poverty

Stay tuned for the Sustainable Development Goals Toolkit, which will identify milestones for implementing greater action towards ending child poverty. It will be available in the next few weeks via the Coalition’s website in the news and updates section under reports and publications:

This toolkit will provide practitioners with ideas and approaches based on global experience on how to take forward work on child poverty.  But we also hope it will be a signal to decision makers of the importance and possibilities of working on child poverty, and progressing from measurement to use and impact.



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