“Second Biennial Conference on Childhood and Youth”, November 2016 — Manizales, Colombia

On November 10, 2016, Equity for Children Executive Director Alberto Minujin will give the keynote address for the Second Latin American Biennial on Childhood and Youth: Democratic Change, Social Justice and Peace Processes.  This Biennial, which will take place from November 7 to 11, 2016, is led by the University of Manizales, the Centre International Foundation for Education and Human Development (CINDE), the Latin American Council of Science Sociales (CLACSO), the Latin American Network of Graduate Studies in childhoods and Youths (REDINJU) and the Working Group: “Youths, Childhood: Policy, Culture and Social Institutions in Latin America”, and supported by the Latin American Council of social Sciences (CLACSO).

The event is focused on bringing together ideas of different groups – academic, social and cultural – researchers, networks and collectives that have taken place in Latin America on issues of children and youth, which serve to implement and develop strategies to work for communities.

Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, government representatives and international organizations responsible for the design and implementation of public policies, social leaders and professionals working in organizations and programs for children and youth and groups and youth organizations are invited to take part.

For more information in Spanish, click here.


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