A World Free from Child Poverty: A Guide to the Task to Achieve the Vision

As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), world leaders have committed to end extreme poverty by 2030, and to half the number of children living in poverty in all its dimensions, everywhere.

A world in which no child grows up in poverty and every child can fulfill their potential would be a different world. Ending child poverty is a defining challenge for this generation.

However, so far, children have received little attention in the global struggle against poverty. The new child poverty SDGs offer a unique opportunity to change this.

Towards achieving this vision the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, of which Equity for Children is member, has produced a guide that collects experiences and approaches from around the world to support policy makers, practitioners and advocates as we work to achieve A World Free from Child Poverty. 

Download the guide here.

Find out more about the guide and the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty here.


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