Alberto Minujin Gives Keynote Address at Child Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa Conference

The first ever conference on child poverty in the Middle East and North Africa, took place from May 15-17, 2017 in Rabat, Morocco.

Hosted by UNICEF, the Moroccan National Observatory for Human Development (ONDH), the Moroccan Ministry of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development, and the Moroccan National Observatory on Child Rights, the conference brought together governments, international child poverty experts and development partners to improve policies reducing child poverty.

Equity for Children’s Executive Director, Alberto Minujin gave the keynote address. Access his presentation  here.

Watch a video of Alberto Minujin in conversation with Arthur van Diesen, Regional Social Policy Adviser, UNICEF Middle East and North Africa, one of the Conference’s key organizers:


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