Measuring Multidimensional Childhood Poverty in Latin America — Buenos Aires, Argentina

This seminar, organized by Equity for Children (The New School), UNICEF and the Center for Research in Urban Social Policy (Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, UNTREF), was attended by international and national experts speaking about key recent proposals to measure multidimensional poverty. Methodological specificities, practical experiences, implementation challenges in Latin American countries, and their implications for the design and implementation of public policies affecting children were discussed.

Opening remarks: Jorge Carpio (CEIPSU/UNTREF) and Roberto Benes (UNICEF Argentina).

Presentations included:

  • The MPI – a holistic view of childhood. Adriana Conconi (Oxford University, UK)
  • Measuring multidimensional poverty in Argentina. Where are the gaps? Jorge Paz (CONICET-IELDE/UNSa)
  • Statistical limitations of the Multidimensional Poverty Index for Latin America. Héctor Najera Catalán (Bristol University, UK)


Coordinator: Alberto Minujin (Equidad para la Infancia/Equity for Children at The New School/UNTREF)

Comentator: Enrique Delamónica (UNICEF Nigeria)

Final comments: David Gordon (Bristol University, UK)

Concluding remarks: Pablo Jacovkis (Research Director, UNTREF)




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