Measuring and Addressing Child Poverty | May 2017

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Last week, I gave the keynote address to more than 200 government representatives, policy makers and child poverty experts at UNICEF’s “Conference on Child Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa: From Measurement to Policy Action,” in Rabat, Morocco.  Discussions focused on poverty’s impact on children throughout the region – particularly the most marginalized – emphasizing policy considerations and recommendations.

Equity for Children strives to give voice to children and youth about their perspectives on a variety of issues. So this month, Vanessa Kamashara, a young North Carolina resident who spent time in refugee camps in the Congo, highlights the steps she and her peers are taking to raise awareness of child poverty and she suggests ways that refugee camps can better meet children’s and families’ needs.

I invite you to find out more about these stories and the featured articles below on our website. I look forward to reading your comments online over the course of the month.



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An in-depth study by Equity for Children about UNICEF’s efforts to reduce child poverty globally

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