Intergenerational Equity: An Interview with Julia M. Puaschunder

“What is so vital about intergenerational care is that if the older generations who brought us up did not care about us, we would not exist.”

On March 29th, Equity for Children in partnership with Oikos NYC will be hosting an event on Climate Change, Children and Intergenerational Equity with the objective of better understanding the cost of inaction today for future generations and to discuss how to engage with children and young people to advocate for a more sustainable and healthier environment in the years to come. To provide a better economic perspective, we invited Julia M. Puaschunder of The New School for Social Research Economics Department.

In this interview, we talk with Julia about her book Global Responsible Intergenerational Leadership and her forthcoming works. We try to unpack the idea of intergenerational equity, its basis in human behavior law, and how we can apply intergenerational equity to combating climate change. Enjoy!



Find out more about our March 29 event and RSVP!


Julia M.Puaschunder is an economist, author and current Ph.D. student in the Department of Economics at The New School for Social Research. She is an advisory board member of the student organization Oikos NYC. She studied Philosophy/Psychology (MPhil), Business (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Social and Economic Sciences (Doctor), Natural Sciences (Doctor), Law and Economics.  Julia Puaschunder has launched and administered research projects in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Switzerland, and the United States. Throughout her academic career, Julia was invited to present and/or publish her research at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Oxford and Cambridge University as well as The Academic Council on the United Nations System. Currently, she conducts research as a Prize Fellow in the Inter-University Consortium of New York and is affiliated with The New School, and The Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis alongside Columbia University and Princeton University. She serves as a contributor to the Harvard Law School Law and Mind Sciences Initiative and is an advisory board member of the Oxford Academic Research Network, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Julia is included in the ‘2018 Marquis Who’s Who in America and in the World’ among the top 3% professionals around the globe and was awarded the 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

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