What Can We Learn from Child-Led Initiatives in the U.S. and the Pacific Islands?

In this article, recently published in Children, Youth and Environments Volume 28, Issue 1, Equity for Children Senior Advisor, Samantha Cocco-Klein and former Associate Director, Beatrice Mauger explore two initiatives, in the U.S. and the Pacific Islands, in which children have held leadership roles on climate change.

The authors examine 1) the motivation behind each initiative, and 2) the contributions the initiatives have made to mitigation and adaptation. They argue that children, as representatives of the “generation most affected,” have a unique role in advocating for mitigation policy. At the same time, children’s status within families and communities can help facilitate inclusive adaptation. The initiatives provide evidence that children’s leadership can be an effective way to engage in policy advocacy and community transformation.


Access the full article here.


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