Working with the Families of the Poor | July 2018


Dear Friends,

On April 12, 2018, more than 100 practitioners from the fields of child advocacy, social policy, and government attended the event, Working with Families of the Poor: Taking Forward the Legacy of Salvador Minuchin, hosted by Equity for Children at The New School. Joining me as guest speakers were Howard Steele, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Center for Attachment Research at The New School; Ema Genijovich, Lic. (Psychologist), International Consultant Trainer in Systems and Family Therapy; Carol Shapiro, Founder of Family Justice and La Bodega de la Familia; Veronica Barenstein, Director, Family and Couples Therapy Program, David Geffen School of Medicine of UCLA; Rita Abadi, LMHC, Mount Sinai, Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program; and Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Urban Policy and Health at The New School. The event included academics, activists, educators and students, as well as participants from abroad who followed the live streaming in countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria.

Panelists analyzed Minuchin’s social justice advocacy principles and echoed his strong belief in pointing to a family’s resources and its ability to develop solutions that come from within — rather than focusing on defining their pathologies and resulting limitations. To be effective, avowed panelists, services to children and their families should take a holistic view of the child’s relationships with family, extended family, neighbors and government agencies. Engaged audience members joined the discussion and suggested giving a voice to children, a position aligned with the advocacy efforts of Equity for Children. A brief video summary of the event can be viewed by following this link.

We want to thank you from Equity for Children for your attendance and continuous support. Please stay connected through our website and social media channels to find out more about our coming events this Fall.

Warm regards,


Alberto Minujin, Executive Director
Equity for Children

Twitter: equity4chidlren
Facebook: Equity for Children

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