Measuring child poverty in Argentina



Equity for Children launched on November 2018, a report that includes, for the first time, non-monetary
dimensions to assess child poverty and the wellbeing of children. It was published in
partnership with UNICEF, Argentina with two universities. The report reveals
that 48 percent of Argentinian children and adolescents are deprived of at least one of five
dimensions of wellbeing. Besides being monetarily poor, children also suffer from other
deprivations, such as adequate nutrition, education, safe areas to live and play, or access to
health services. Ultimately, these factors contribute to growing inequality.

Download report (in Spanish)

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A joint publication of Equity for Children’s Executive Director Alberto Minujin and UNICEF that monitors progress toward Sustainable Development Goals, offering a crucial data tool that goes beyond income measures, capturing a comprehensive view of child well-being through topics like immunization, nutrition, and education.

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