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Equity for Children, in partnership with ATD 4th World, will host an event to launch the release of the results of the Multi-dimensional Aspects of Poverty (MAP) project.

MAP is an international research project that looks at multidimensional poverty from the perspective of those who experience it every day. With people in poverty participating as equal co-researchers alongside academics and social workers, this project has brought together academics, people living in poverty, and social workers from six areas of the US including New York, Oakland, Appalachia, New Orleans, New Mexico, and Boston.

New York City was at the heart of this research, with more participants than any other area. The results contribute to a new and transformative understanding of poverty in the United States – one which can be used to shift the narrative on poverty and improve policy in the lives of families, adults, and children across this country.

When: 03/27  6 – 8 PM

Where: The New School, Wolff Conference Room, D1103 – 6 East 16th St., NY

Why is this important? Only those that have experienced poverty can attest about how it feels and the deprivations that come associated with it. The MAP Project uses an innovative and deeply participatory methodology that includes the voices of the poor.

This event is an opportunity to begin a wider discussion of how poverty is understood and addressed in New York and the United States. Students will be able to hear about and meet with practitioners in various fields and people with direct experience of poverty.

Both organizations are members of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty.

Free and open to the public. Register here

Download the Flyer here


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