NYC Climate Strike : The role of children in promoting policy action

Strike for Climate – NYC


Today was a beautiful day. It was poignant to see 250,000+ New Yorkers of all ages marching in the Climate Strike. Over five million people rallied all over the world for this cause. This movement was started by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who led today’s march in Lower Manhattan. She came to New York to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit and to present her plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Greta has been raising awareness and demanding immediate action against the very real threats of climate change. 


“Youth are people of action and we are rising,” she said to the crowd that greeted her enthusiastically. 


Greta is setting an example to follow and is influencing youth to mobilize and engage in the political discussion. Equity for Children is proud of her and all youth who are stepping up to promote action against climate change. In New York City today, 1.1 million public school students were excused from class to participate in today’s events, thereby acknowledging and promoting young people’s right to express meaningful ideas and propose creative solutions.


As faultless inheritors of a crisis that the current international policy arena is unequipped and unwilling to grapple with swiftly and competently, youth are at highest risk for the havoc that climate change is bringing. Defending our planet is imperative. And young people who are fighting for all our right to live in a clean, safe, inhabitable and hospitable world need our participation and support. They are leading the way. They are appropriately demanding the attention of policy actors who will be held accountable to ensure that power and profit do not supersede rights or silence outcry.


At Equity for Children, we advocate for the participation of youth, especially those living in poverty, because integrating their voice is key to making more sustainable, equitable and resilient societies.


“We have the moral authority to make a change because we are going to be affected the most and we will be living with the burden of the effects of climate change,” said 16 year-old Amanda Cronin, iMatter Youth Council member, at Equity for Children’s Spring 2016 event on climate change at The New School.











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