Freedom Day

Thank you for taking a moment to join Equity for Children in observance of National Freedom Day. This day commemorates February 1st, 1865, when Abraham Lincoln signed the document which would later become known as the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, outlawing slavery. This observance day was established and first celebrated by the National Freedom Association in 1942 at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and it was intended as a memorial date to bring awareness and encourage recognition of the continuing struggles of African Americans for freedom and equality. Today also marks the beginning of Black History Month for the United States, which serves as an opportunity to honor and spread awareness of the contributions of important figures and events to the struggle for racial equality and to celebrate the cultural and artistic heritage of African Americans.

We at Equity for Children are dedicated to the struggle for ensuring our world’s children equal access to opportunities for success and fulfillment, and to leaving no one behind in the fight for a sustainable future. If we are ever to achieve progress for our planet, its inhabitants, and the leaders of our future, we must seek to create a world where all our children have freedom from exploitation, freedom from violence, freedom from inequality, and freedom from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and economic status. We are committed to research and advocacy to secure and defend these freedoms for children, as they are necessary to the fulfillment of their basic human rights as well as to their safety and prosperity.

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