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This initiative is part of a series of personal testimonies that give voice to families living in disadvantaged urban areas. Covid-19 does not discriminate by class or race. But it does strike poor households especially hard and presents unique problems. Equity for Children wants to hear the perspective of poorer families in Latin America, to know how they are facing these health crisis challenges.


In this video, we spoke with Gisela, who lives with her six children in Villa Fiorito, a slum in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. Gisela is an activist at “Belleza y Felicidad”, a community food preparation, dining and distribution center that also holds a primary school and art gallery. The program was founded in 2003 and is coordinated by Fernanda Laguna. During this crisis, operational support is provided by donations and volunteer efforts by community activists.



Credits: Belleza y Felicidad Fiorito (Instagram: bellezayfelicidadfiorito), Ana Minujín and Darlo Todo Producciones.

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