Asked by Kids: Covid-19

Asked by Kids: Covid-19 is an educational children’s coloring book (for children aged 5-10 yrs old) with an interactive narrative, giving important facts about the Covid-19 virus.

With schools being closed and children being taught at home, activities that are both educational and entertaining for children will be a useful tool for parents to navigate this confusing and disruptive time in their children’s lives.

Authors, Ana Holschuh & Julie Vantrease are sharing this book freely and openly so that it reaches as many kids as possible. The book is also distributed by Artists Striving to End Poverty in Spanish and English. This book comes from 14 children interviews conducted with children quarantining in seven different countries around the world, such as Peru, Spain, Germany, and India.

The goal of this book is to better understand how children are experiencing the quarantine and what questions they might have about Covid-19. From our interviews we then put together this children’s book to answer their questions and be able to share it as a resource for other children who are having very similar questions about the current pandemic.

Instagram, @askedbykids

Credits: Ana Holschuh & Julie Vantrease

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