Video Interview: In First Person – 3

Equity for Children partnered with A Chance in Life to produce a series of brief videos about life during the pandemic for the communities A Chance In Life supports across Latin America. 

“In First Person” is an audiovisual project that gives voice to current problems experienced by vulnerable families in five Latin American countries.

The 15 video testimonials address the pandemic’s acute and pervasive effects on families living in overcrowded households where basic services are frequently lacking and parents are underemployed or unemployed. Community reaction is also featured, in videos about community leaders and their interventions.

The “In First Person” project shines a light on individual experiences and narratives, but speaks to the ways in which communities are working to counter the effects of Covid-19 to help families in need.

This video was filmed in Mexico, where A Chance In Life supports a project to serve vulnerable children from the Tarahumara community (a group of indigenous peoples of the Americas living in the state of Chihuahua.)

Videos will be released every week to show the pandemic’s acute effects on families living in poverty. Please visit “In First Person” by clicking here to view the series of videos posted on our YouTube channel.

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