Video Interview: In First Person – Nuevo Chimbote, Peru

Nuevo Horizonte is a human settlement on the northern coast of Peru outside the city of Nuevo Chimbote. In this new video of In First Person Jaime and Yuri give their tesmony on how they are working to keep their six children from falling behind in school without electricity or internet access.

“Human settlements” in Peru refer to the informal communities that spring up, sometimes overnight, outside of Peruvian cities. They are often populated by families that come from the mountains or rural areas of Peru seeking work opportunities, but are unable to afford housing within the city limits. Because of the informal status of these towns – families occupy the land without any title or ownership – they often remain underdeveloped and lack basic services like electricity or running water. The pandemic has made it even more difficult for fathers like Jaime to find steady work and provide for their children. The family is currently receiving support from the “Alcanzando Nuevos Horizontes” (Reaching New Horizons) development project, which is run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers and supported by A Chance In Life.

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