Returning to School in The Covid-19 Era: Advancing Educational Policy in Latin America

Date: 8/26/2020

Time: 9:30 AM (NY)


Co-sponsored by The ARCOR Foundation and Equity for Children at The New School, this webinar will address educational priorities and fostering equity for children during the era of Covid-19.

After six months of the pandemic’s “new normal”, families and policymakers are struggling with how to re-open educational institutions safely to maximize learning for all children. What are the lessons learned in Latin America during Covid-19?  How can educational institutions use knowledge gained thus far to overcome inequalities? 

This webinar will shed light on experiences throughout Latin America over the past six months as parents and other caretakers have coped from home with the pressures and rewards of remote education. Panelists will discuss how to make school a better experience for every child. The webinar will address:

  • Improving access for children and parents who lack resources and skills in our technology-dependent educational system 
  • Attending to  the needs of children with learning disabilities or those living in poverty 
  • Evaluating students’ progress fairly if they experience significant learning obstacles

If you are a parent, public school teacher, social policy officer or just interested in these compelling topics, please join us on August 26, at 9:30 AM. Any attendee may submit questions live during the webinar. (In Spanish)


  • Leonardo Garnier, Former Costa Rica Minister of Education
  • Silvina Gvirtz, Secretary of Ciencia, Technology and Education Policies in La Matanza Municipality, Argentina
  • Francisco Miranda López, Head of Education Policies, National Institute for Education Evaluation, MEXICO (pending confirmation)
  • Introduction by Alberto Minujin, Executive Director of Equity for Children at The New School

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