World Children’s Day November 20th, 2020

Every November 20th, we come together to celebrate World Children’s Day. This is in commemoration to the UN General Assembly Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention of the Rights of the Child ratified in 1989. These human rights treaties are the most widely ratified in history.

These are the declared rights of a child:

  • Do not discriminate a child based on their age, race, sexuality, religion, hierarchy and intelligence.
  • Respect that children are dependent on adults. There are many unfortunate cases where a child’s parents aren’t in their lives for varying reasons. Whether you’re a relative, family friend, teacher, or authority figure, don’t neglect a child in need of proper care.
  • The accessibility to education must be offered to all children. Regardless of any child’s personal circumstances in their households, being in school can allow them to not only learn, but also develop friendships, be active, and eat free meals. 
  • Ensuring they feel safe and comfortable is crucial. Not only in reference to their physical surroundings, but also their social surroundings. Always guarantee a child isn’t being taken advantage of by anybody they know or don’t know. Trust a child when they complain and accuse anyone in their life of disrespecting them. Do not be in denial of what the child may confess, always do something to help them. 
  • Love and Happiness, although not seemingly important, are necessities that cater to how a child grows up. These are actually the most important rights a child has that relies on being accepted, being educated, being cared for, and being respected.

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