Building The Village Video 3: Positive Youth Development

A Chance In Life is proud to present the third video in the series “Building The Village” about The Village program on Staten Island. The series has been created in partnership with Equity for Children at The New School.

In this video, Brother Sean Moffett (former President of La Città dei Ragazzi in Rome), Rita Abadi (Operations Manager and Clinician at the Mount Sinai Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program), and Daniel Sokal, LCSW (ABD Psychotherapy and Counseling) discuss the concept and effects of Positive Youth Development in young people’s development. 

Positive Youth Development measures and evaluates young people’s strengths. Young people are nurtured and encouraged to develop their own innate strengths, especially within the context of their community. Each practitioner emphasizes that young people within the context of Positive Youth Development are empowered to be agents of their own development and destiny. 

Click below to watch Video 3:

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