Voice and Action in Queens: A Place for Inclusion and Belonging

Latinx Women and Families in Queens: Voice and Action, a research grant funded by The Spencer Foundation, focuses on the experiences of undocumented Latinxs, cis, trans, heterosexual, and LGBTQ+, some with children, who have emigrated from Latin America and the Caribbean and are now living in Western Queens.

Thanks to Equity for Children, Voces Latinas, and StoryCenter, participants from this study shared their experiences through a methodology that consists of developing first-person video stories about their migration journey to the United States. The qualitative research focuses on Latinx migrants in the Queens community.

One of the main reasons why this study is important is that every living experience is “different”. First-person narratives can act as an educational intervention to empower participants. They also help to identify barriers and underpin community-led policy reform, advocacy, and transformative action. That is what makes stories so powerful.

The study seeks to identify the cross-knowledge between the participant’s stories and increase the ability to connect personal stories to larger social issues. It will also be an opportunity to develop sources of knowledge for local leaders, community leaders, and policymakers, contributing to future studies on the Latinx population in the US.

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