Child Poverty in An Affluent World: A Matter of Basic Rights and Justice

UNICEF's Innocenti Report Card 18 presents the specific situations experienced by poor children and why ending child poverty and its consequences is a matter of basic rights and justice.

Child Poverty in An Affluent World: A Matter of Basic Rights and Justice
Despite widespread affluence around the world, more than 69 million children who live in
poverty, do so within our most prosperous nations around the globe, Poverty is often
quantified by income. But for the majority of these children, poverty transcends monetary
need. It encompasses deprivation and a lack of fundamental necessities, such as heating,
nutritious meals, new clothing, and basic communication tools such as telephones.

Equity for Children Executive Director Alberto Minujin collaborated with UNICEF in its
Innocenti Report Card 18, to shed light on the intricate realities faced by impoverished
children. The report’s concludes that eradicating child poverty and its enduring repercussions
are a fundamental matter of rights and justice.

These childhood deprivations extend far beyond immediate circumstances and negatively
affect the trajectory of a child’s entire life. Research unequivocally indicates that children from
financially struggling households are markedly less likely to obtain a quality education, which is
a key contributor to lifelong advancement and achievement. In certain regions, the disparity in
life expectancy is staggering, and it reveals that a child born into poverty may face a lifespan
up to eight to nine years shorter than their counterparts born in wealthier areas.

The full scope of this critical issue, its multifaceted nature, and the imperative to address it
comprehensively for the sake of present and future generations are detailed in the complete
article, which is available for further reading.

Read the full article here

Source: UNICEF, Office of Global Insight & Policy

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