Childhood, Emancipation, and Change: Eduardo Bustelo’s Vision

Revisiting the Enduring Legacy of Eduardo Bustelo: Exploring “El Recreo de la Infancia” (Childhood Recess)

In collaboration with The Institute of Collective Health at the National University of Lanús, Equity
for Children recently hosted a virtual gathering of regional experts from Chile, Brazil, and
Argentina to delve into the re-release of the timeless classic “El Recreo de la Infancia” penned
by the visionary Eduardo Bustelo.
Alberto Minujin, Executive Director of Equity for Children, sparked a vibrant discussion about
fundamental concepts that continue to shape dialogues pertaining to childhood and
adolescence. Concepts such as agency, voice, and participation were explored in relation to
social justice and social change. With over 100 participants from across Latin Amercia, this
enlightening event showcased the enduring pertinence of Bustelo’s groundbreaking ideas.
The webinar served as a reminder of the persisting challenges like lack of voice, agency and
participation of children and adolescents. The profound insights shared by esteemed scholars
such as Marta Mauras, Sociologist, diplomat and former member of UNICEF and the UN
Committee for the Rights of the Children, Emilio García Méndez, Lawyer and activist from Fundación Sur Argentina, Esther Arantes, Psychologist and Educator, with a PhD from Boston
University, among others. The event illuminated the path toward a world where children enjoy
equality, freedom, and boundless creativity.
Bustelo’s ideas resonate more powerfully than ever, reminding us of the pressing need for
inclusive policies that pave the way for a brighter future for all children. Eduardo Bustelo, born in
San Juan, Argentina, was an educator, child advocate and prolific author, including “El recreo
de la infancia” (Childhood Recess). A reputed Political and Social Scientist from the National
University of Cuyo, Bustelo held a Master’s in Political Science and Public Administration from
FLACSO, and from the London School of Economics. He was the founding director of UNICEF
Argentina and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies in the province of San Juan.
Full video of the webinar available here: Link to Webinar Video
Free access to the book (Spanish) is here: Link to Book

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