Impact Report 2023

Equity for Children’s is dedicated to improving child well-being worldwide by: Generating and disseminating knowledge about child poverty. Leading local projects that address child poverty and urban inequality. Advocating for increased voice and participation from children, adolescents, and their families

Local Voice and Participation

  • The Latinx Women in Queens project helped strengthen voice and participation with 24 Latinx women from Queens, through a multi-phase digital storytelling. project. Their videos amplified the voices of often-overlooked, undocumented immigrants, underscoring challenges they face while also highlighting their resilience and the importance of community support
  • Empowering Youth on Staten Island was a collaborative project, undertaken with A Chance in Life at their youth center The Village, that amplified the voices of disaffected and marginalized adolescents while providing them with training and support services. In danger of falling through the cracks, these adolescents worked with Equity for Children to develop a video series highlighting the program’s emphasis on promoting change by addressing social and economic disparities. These videos are developed with a deep belief in fostering self-expression and leadership among the youth.
  • Public Space Participation: A Right of Childhood” explored and promoted the relationship between public space and childhood, using children’s rights as a framework. The project gathered five successful experiences in Latin America that highlight children’s use of public spaces to strengthen the social fabric of a community and that promote diversity and inclusion. Read the full report (in Spanish).
  • Equidad para la Infancia played an important role at the 5th Latin American and Caribbean Biennial on Early Childhood, Childhood, and Youth in July 2023. Using microdata from international household surveys, Equity for Children delivered a poignant presentation about intraurban inequalities in eight Latin American countries. The Manizales, Colombia conference was attended by over 1500 participants and focused on understanding challenges faced by children and youth in the region. Read more.

Mobilizing Action, Advocacy, and Dissemination

  • Equity for Children’s Executive Director, Professor Alberto Minujin, contributed his expertise in inequality and child poverty for UNICEF Innocenti’s Report Card 18. The report focused on affluent countries and reported that more than 69 million children experience deprivations, stressing persistent disparities and the imperative for ongoing efforts to eradicate child poverty. Read more.
  • In collaboration with The Institute of Collective Health at the National University of Lanús, Argentina, Equity for Children hosted a virtual gathering to explore Eduardo Bustelo’s book “El Recreo de la Infancia.” Led by Professor Minujin, the discussion delved into crucial concepts about agency and children’s voice in the context of social justice. Read more.
  • Equity for Children hosted the conference entitled “Improving Child and Family Poverty Measurement” at The New School, which explored topics such as rights and necessities, multidimensional poverty in Latin America, and consensus about living standards in Africa.  Read more.
  • We launched a collaborative research project with UNICEF and the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research at The University of Bristol, creating a methodology for measuring child and family poverty. This ongoing initiative emphasizes data-driven assessments in low-resource settings.

    The report can be viewed here.

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Explore the compelling stories of immigrant Latinx women and their children in New York City, shedding light on their challenges and triumphs through powerful two to three-minute videos in this collaborative project by Equity for Children, The StoryCenter, and Voces Latinas.

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