Merging of Knowledges: A Path Forward to Understand Poverty

Discover the transformative power of Crossing of Knowledges in understanding poverty with the groundbreaking book "Whose Knowledge Is It? Emancipation, Crossing of Knowledges, and the Fight Against Poverty," recently published by our esteemed allies at the ATD Fourth World Movement.

Our strategic allies and friends at the ATD Fourth World Movement have recently published the book “Whose Knowledge Is It? Emancipation, Merging of Knowledges, and the Fight Against Poverty,” which brings together articles from 34 authors from America and Europe with experiences in action-research and the Merging of Knowledges methodology. ATD Fourth World has published insightful research stemming from shared work with individuals experiencing extreme poverty worldwide. These knowledge-building processes were systematized through a methodological approach called Merging of Knowledges.

The processes described in the book prioritize the participation, experience, and knowledge of the population directly impacted by poverty, ensuring their involvement throughout. They also seek to create conditions for dialogue between this knowledge and that of other individuals and groups from academic, professional, or associative backgrounds.

The book represents a fundamental contribution to building bridges between the academic world and social organizations fighting poverty. It encourages reflection on the ethical dimension of participatory processes, underscores their political significance, and highlights the right to genuine participation of the most excluded to democratize knowledge. It is an invitation to reflect on and promote conversations and practices that help shape the knowledge needed to advance towards the eradication of poverty.

To download the complete book, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about this publication, we are co-organizing a webinar with ATD Fourth World. Please fill out this short form to receive information: Registration form link.

About ATD Fourth World: The movement was born in a settlement near Paris, France, in the late 1950s. From its early years, ATD Fourth World has been a solidarity movement, inviting people from all backgrounds to connect with individuals and communities experiencing extreme poverty, recognizing their knowledge, and facilitating their participation in thinking and acting together to create a world without poverty and exclusion.

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