Participation in public spaces: a right of childhood.

Five innovative experiences of design and participation in public spaces in Latin America carried out by Equity for Children for the ARCOR Foundation.

As a closing of a fruitful collaboration cycle with ARCOR Foundation in Argentina, Equity for Children presents the final report titled “Childhood and Public Spaces: Five Experiences of Design and Participation in Latin America,” which synthesizes the achievements throughout the year 2023 within the project dedicated to exploring the relationship between public spaces and childhood. The various activities carried out underline the urgent need to recognize and validate the right of children and adolescents to be heard and actively participate in reflection and intervention processes.

Thirty years have passed since the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of the Child granted and recognized the citizenship status of childhood. However, facilitating their participation has not occurred naturally or with concrete actions. In this context, the collaboration between the ARCOR Foundation and Equity for Children aimed to identify experiences in the Latin American region where children not only were heard but also played a crucial role in reflection and the design of public spaces.

Through these inspiring experiences, we discovered that children’s participation not only enriches the quality of public spaces but also strengthens social fabric and promotes diversity and inclusion. This report seeks not only to inform but also to motivate action. We encourage all interested individuals, from professionals to community activists, to explore these narratives and consider how they can be applied to their own environments. Ultimately, by fostering the active participation of children, we contribute to building fairer and more equitable societies, where every voice, regardless of age, has the power to shape the shared environment.

To read the report (in Spanish) click here.

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