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Editorial from Equity for Children Director, Alberto Minujin Given our increasingly urbanized world, Equity for Children has been sharpening its focus on the issue of inequity in urban areas and the implications for children and youth. Today in the ‘Global South’ or ‘Developing World’, “Urban areas have around 2.7 billion inhabitants. This means that these […]
A seven-part resource guide to help our youth lead healthier and happier lives Hannah Cotts has published on a seven-part resource guide on family health, which includes tips on nutrition, exercise, general health insurance, and even personal hygiene instruction. It is an interesting and informative resource considering the general state of health in the […]
Following the recommendations of the 2006 UN Study on Violence Against Children, many child focused organisations are now supporting countries to strengthen their national child protection systems as an effective means of bringing together all actors in a concerted effort to protect children against violence and abuse. In parallel with this, over the last ten […]
An interactive website for comparative data on child rights related laws and public policies Children’s Chances (, launched in February 2013 by the World Policy Analysis Centre, is a comprehensive online database based on the Jody Heymann’s most recent publication, “Children’s Chances: How Countries Can Move from Surviving to Thriving” (2013). The website contains never-before-available […]
Equity for Children has begun a collaboration with the New York City Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD), researching and assessing the effectiveness of its Cornerstone Mentoring Program. This community-based program, established by Mayor Bloomberg’s office in 2011 to help youth in poverty-stricken areas of New York, operates in 25 community centers throughout the […]
The exciting flurry of debate about Universal Pre-K since President Obama’s State of the Union address on February 12, 2013 prompted a real-time interview on the important topic from Equity for Children Director Alberto Minujin at The New School, and Martin Woodhead from our partner program, Young Lives at the University of Oxford. Q: President […]
This mixed-methods paper investigates whether the ‘private school premium’, as manifested in student learning outcomes and is the result of better-quality teaching in private schools. Using school-, community- and household-level data from the Young Lives longitudinal study in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, this paper makes a detailed comparison of 227 government and […]

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