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This paper explores social protections as receiving increasing attention in both the high-income industrialized countries and the middle- and low-income countries. It notes that children constitute the largest vulnerable group in most countries yet social protection for children remains far less developed than for the elderly everywhere. The social protection responses vary significantly across regions, […]
Focusing on Early Childhood, Childhood and Adolescence The Colóquio Políticas de Segurança e Direitos Humanos: Enfocando a primeira infância, infância e adolescência (Colloquium on Politics of Security and Human Rights: Focusing on Early Childhood and Adolescence) took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 13 and 14, at the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia of the University […]
Robbie Gilligan, the President of Childwatch International Research Network, discusses the work of the Network and its partners, and the importance of sharing ideas and conducting research to generate new knowledge and insight in the field of child rights and child protection. Professor Robbie Gilligan is Head of the School of Social Work and […]
El objetivo central de la investigación fue realizar un análisis ampliado sobre las prácticas características de los actores involucrados en la red social del tráfico de drogas en Río de Janeiro y sobre como esta red se viene desarrollando en los últimos años, de modo de ofrecer subsidios para la elaboración de metodologías que auxilien […]
Equity for Children features a variety of news, articles, reports, documents, photos and videos related to issues regarding child rights, child poverty, equity andsocial policy. Here are some of our latest news! Mind the Gap! Widening Child Mortality Disparities report by Alberto Minujin and Enrique DelamonicaA Sound and Multimedia Project with children and youth in […]

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