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Oslo/Hadeland 09. – 11- November 1998, Conference Report In November 1998, the Norwegian Refugee Council and Redd Barna (Save the Children Norway) hosted a conference on protection of children and adolescents in complex emergencies, in co-operation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The conference was supported financially by the Norwegian Ministry of […]
This document from the Womens Refugee Commission shows that because of their powerlessness, adolescent girls in refugee situations are more vulnerable to forced marriage, sexual slavery and forms of gender-based violence. They are also the least likely to be offered education and reproductive health care, putting them at greater risk for HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions. […]
This paper explores social protections as receiving increasing attention in both the high-income industrialized countries and the middle- and low-income countries. It notes that children constitute the largest vulnerable group in most countries yet social protection for children remains far less developed than for the elderly everywhere. The social protection responses vary significantly across regions, […]
This publication presents a regional analysis of anti-trafficking measures relevant to children in the countries of South Asia. It assesses national legal and policy frameworks and provides a list of recommended actions for the application of a rights-based approach to child trafficking. Emphasis is placed on the indivisibility of human rights and the influence that […]
This paper examines the role of child agency as it relates to child protection. The focus arises from recognition that child protection approaches can be ineffective, and even counterproductive, when local context is not given sufficient attention. The prevailing child protection models – child rescue, social services and medical models – commonly neglect local community […]
The UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre has a website dedicated to data collection, knowledge transfer and the development of methodologies related to research on child trafficking. It is intended for international researchers, policy-makers and operational personnel involved in counter child trafficking activities and contains a range of useful resources and links.
The number of people migrating for work is on the rise with women constituting at least half those seeking to benefit from labour opportunities abroad. Yet the very act of migration carries immense risks. Those seeking work abroad often lack the information to make informed choices and are vulnerable to exploitation. Migration under these conditions […]
This paper examines child migration in Argentina, Chile and South Africa. It defines child migrants as under 18 year olds whose usual residence was in a different country or province five years prior to census. It estimates the scale of child migration; compares relative magnitudes of internal and international migration; and considers sensitivity to alternative […]

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