Program: Approaches to Equity

“What is so vital about intergenerational care is that if the older generations who brought us up did not care about us, we would not exist.” On March 29th, Equity for Children in partnership with Oikos NYC will be hosting an event on Climate Change, Children and Intergenerational Equity with the objective of better understanding […] “The good thing about the work we are doing is that there is direct interest by the government to make sure that the project works, comes to fruition, and also informs their budget policies.” -Ismael Cid Martinez Last week we sat down with Ismael Cid Martinez to discuss the collaboration of Equity for Children […]
  “Cities should provide safe, healthy and interesting environments because children need all three to develop correctly.” In the second phase of Equity for Children’s Approaches to Equity study focused on urban environments, we conducted a series of interviews with practitioners, experts and urban planners. This interview features Irene Quintáns, Urban Planning Consultant – Urban95 […]
On September 19, at Scandinavia House in New York City, Equity for Children joined ChildFund Alliance, a co-member of the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, as they provided an update on their Child-friendly Accountability initiative one year on. Child-friendly accountability focuses on giving children a voice to identify problems and solutions in their societies. Exactly […]
Dear Friend, Last week, I gave the keynote address to more than 200 government representatives, policy makers and child poverty experts at UNICEF’s “Conference on Child Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa: From Measurement to Policy Action,” in Rabat, Morocco.  Discussions focused on poverty’s impact on children throughout the region – particularly the most marginalized – emphasizing […]
Dear Friend, Policies and programs that ensure all urban children have access to services allowing them to live rich and fulfilling lives are key to building sustainable societies as cities increasingly expand. Equity for Children recently published original research about the links between equity, child poverty and cities. It’s the beginning of our next Approaches to Equity study and will […]
This seminar, organized by Equity for Children (The New School), UNICEF and the Center for Research in Urban Social Policy (Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, UNTREF), was attended by international and national experts speaking about key recent proposals to measure multidimensional poverty. Methodological specificities, practical experiences, implementation challenges in Latin American countries, and their implications for […]

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