Program: Children's Rights

Equity for Children would like to take a moment to observe the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Today presents an opportunity for all to think about how to participate more actively in the fight to ensure that children suffering from marginalization, inequality, and poverty take center stage in the worldwide effort to achieve […]
In this article, recently published in Children, Youth and Environments Volume 28, Issue 1, Equity for Children Senior Advisor, Samantha Cocco-Klein and former Associate Director, Beatrice Mauger explore two initiatives, in the U.S. and the Pacific Islands, in which children have held leadership roles on climate change. The authors examine 1) the motivation behind each initiative, and 2) […]
Our report, “Cali, ¿Cómo Vamos en Niñez? Priorizando la niñez en la agenda urbana” (“Cali, How Are Your Children Doing — Prioritizing Childhood in the Urban Agenda”), results from the second phase of our project measuring child wellbeing and collaborating with communities and local governments to impact policy affecting children. The project was implemented by Equity for Children […]
Equity for Children initiated the Approaches to Equity study in 2013 to investigate views about the concept of equity by leaders of international organizations, foundations and research institutions. By analyzing key institutional reports and conducting interviews with senior-level professionals of international organizations as well as researchers and foundations, the findings set the stage for a common understanding […]
The 25th Convention of the Mexican Child-Friendly Cities Network (RMCAN) [1], attended by Equidad para la Infancia América Latina, was the setting for the presentation of a number of practical initiatives aimed at improving coordination among various Mexican municipalities, in order to build institutional capacity and strengthen action to safeguard local children’s rights. One of […]
This two-day conference, held on September 4 and 5 in Tucuman, Argentina, was organized in partnership with UNICEF and the Argentine Secretariat of Public Management and Planning. The seminar featured a presentation by our Executive Director, Alberto Minujin.   Background Briefing Note (September 4, 2017) Currently, the total global population living in urban areas reaches 54%, […]
  What is equity and why does it matter for children living in poverty? We want to help you in your work to promote equity for children and to enhance children’s rights.   “Approaches to Equity” offers a unique overview of perspectives from leading voices on the topic –international organizations, foundations and research institutions. You […]
This publication was co-authored by Adel Daoud, Elias Nosrati, Bernhard Reinsberg, Alexander E. Kentikelenis, Thomas H. Stubbs, and Lawrence P. King. The study adds to the state of the art by analyzing the impact of International Monetary Fund (IMF) programs on children’s health, mediated by their parents’ education. It is the first to combine macrodata and microdata to address this issue […]

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