Program: Monitoring and Evaluation

A Girls Count Report on Adolescent Girls. Improving the health of adolescent girls in the developing world is the key to improving maternal and child health, reducing the impact of HIV, and accelerating social and economic development. Start with a Girl: A New Agenda for Global Health sheds light on the realities of girls’ health and […]
On Wednesday, February 8, Equity for Children at The New School presented a symposium entitledTackling Child Poverty in the Twenty-First Century by the Young Lives Project , a group of researchers at the University of Oxford. Co-hosted with The City University of New York (CUNY) and Rutgers University’s Department of Childhood Studies, the discussions offered a unique opportunity […]
A program that teaches children the importance of caution and responsibility in using social media In this era of online communication, it’s more vital than ever that young people – and the adults in their lives – are internet savvy and aware of online dangers. As recent incidents illustrate, misuse of social media sites – […]
Lessons from the Children and AIDS Regional Initiative (CARI) By Dr. Keetie Roelen, Jerker Edström, dr. Rachel Sabates-Wheeler and Mark Davies of the Centre for Social Protection at the Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom. This documentation explores child- and HIV-sensitive social protection implemented under the umbrella of CARI in five of nine […]
A comic book from The Healthy Aboriginal Network that deals with maternal and child health. This comic book deals with maternal and child health. It seeks to teach pregnant women good maternal health practices including diet, traditional medicines, and spiritual connectivity with the growing baby both during pregnancy and after childbirth. While speaking through a […]
Executive Summary This working paper: (i) provides an overview of global, regional and national income inequalities based on the latest distribution data from the World Bank, UNU-WIDER and Eurostat; (ii) discusses the negative implications of rising income inequality for development; (iii) calls for placing equity at the center of development in the context of the […]
Experiences and Lessons Learned from working with children and adolescents living on the streets in Rio de Janeiro (Rio Child Network 2001-2009) Esta publicação se propõe a sintetizar a história de uma rede de articulação de 17 organizações não-governamentais no município do Rio de Janeiro em seus nove anos (2001-2009), através do saber e conhecimento […]

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