The majority of children in Latin America live in settlements and popular neighborhoods of large cities where they live with high rates of inequality.
by Equity for Children’s Senior Advisor, Samantha Cocco-Klein 9/14/2020 The latest UNICEF report on child wellbeing in rich countries is out – Worlds of Influence – and once again the U.S. is ranked at the bottom. The U.S comes in 36th out of 38, scoring low across all three dimensions of child wellbeing: mental health, physical health and […]
Introduction In the world of Covid-19 2020, remote education is the most viable strategy for schooling. During the first few months of the year, a state of sanitary emergency was declared throughout most of Latin America. Classes were suspended, without accurate predictions as to how long the suspension would last. The halt in the educational system […]

‘In First Person’ Videos: Voices of the Pandemic

A series of brief, powerful videos about life during the pandemic for some of the most vulnerable communities in Latin America. Women give voice to the challenges they and their children have faced during COVID-19.
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